This function checks these 6 fields for a user profile to determine if they have "completed" their profile. This just feels like it could be done better, but I can't figure how.

 * Is the user's entire profile filled in?
 * @return boolean
public function isProfileComplete()
    $checkList = [
        null !== $this->getFirstName(),
        null !== $this->getLastName(),
        null !== $this->getJobTitle(),
        null !== $this->getAboutMe(),

    // If any one of the checks fails, profile is missing information
    foreach ($checkList as $checkItem) {
        if (!$checkItem) {
            return false;

    return true;

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There's no sense in creating a dynamic array for a fixed set of checks. Just put them in a single boolean expression.

public function isProfileComplete()
    return $this->isAddressGiven()
        && $this->isGenderSelected()
        && null !== $this->getFirstName()
        && null !== $this->getLastName()
        && null !== $this->getJobTitle() 
        && null !== $this->getAboutMe()

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