I would like to split a string on multiple conditions such as:

  • After each /;/
  • After each /{/ or /}/
  • After each /\w+:/ but not after /\w+:\s+\{/
  • After each /#\w.*$/

I've found that I can keep a pattern and split before it with


or split after it (if the pattern has a fixed width)


or split after it (if the pattern has a variable width)


or even remove the pattern during the operation


With all this knowledge I wrote this:

$_ = do { local $/; <DATA> };

my @content = split /(?:(?<=[;{}])|(?<=:)(?!\s*\{)|#\w.*\$\K)/, $_;

print join "\n", @content;

apple: {pear; { cabbage; } }
sprout: celeri;

Where the output should be this (after manually reindenting it):

apple: {

I am not really happy with this method for multiple reasons:

  • I cannot use a x regex in split like split m/re/x to make the regex more readable
  • I need to treat the exception for the special case /^\s*#.*$/ where I cannot remove CR otherwise I will get for instance #passionsprout:

Can I do a better job?


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Think the other way around: try to add a newline to all characters that need one. That way your regex is a bit simpler.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;

my $content = do { local $/; <DATA> };

my $regex = qr{
    \{                  # open curly brace preceded by 
                        # beginning of line
                        # OR
                        # colon

  |                     # OR
    [:;\}]              # any of these characters
    (?!\s*\n)           # NOT followed by newline

$content =~ s/($regex)/$1\n/g;
print $content, "\n";

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