In my code, when the index is 0, I am supplying the second template which contains the word as arif. With the rest I am supplying the first template which doesn't have the word arif.

I got this result as a result of a posted question, but I am not satisfied with it because of its length.

// Code goes here
"use strict";
angular.module('tcpApp', [])
.controller('MainCtrl', function($scope) {

.directive('programName', function ( $compile ) {
        return {
            restrict    : 'AE',
            replace     : true,
            scope       : {

            link        : function (scope, element, attr) {
                            scope.callMe = function () {

                            var getTemplate = function( index ) {
                              return Number(index) ? '<h2 class="que t{{index}}" ng-click=callMe()>{{name}}</h2>' : '<h2 class="que t{{index}}" ng-click=callMe()>{{name}}arif</h2>';



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