I have a user, a micropost and a response model.

The user has many microposts and has many responses.

Microposts have tags using the acts as taggable gem.

I need to find the number of responses a user has, to microposts that are tagged with a specific tag. To be clear, for example, how many responses has user 1 given to microposts on "exercise"

There is some basic ruby syntax and relationship logic I am missing. This is what I have in my user

This works as a User model method

   def user_responses_on_topic(interest)
        microposts = Micropost.tagged_with(interest, :on => :tags )
         count = 0
         microposts.each do |micropost|
         responses =  micropost.responses.size   
         count = count + responses

But there's got to be a better rails way?


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Try something like this, it would work if the #tagged_with method returns an ActiveRecord::Relation object, I don't know if you need a :user_id in there, but your code didn't hint on any, so I did the same.

  Micropost.tagged_with(interest, on: :tags)

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