I was just messing around with python making wav files; when I came up with this (what I think is) pretty neat script. It takes each character and represents it with a tone.

import wave
import struct
from math import sin
import os

RATE = 44100
maxVol = 2 ** 15 - 1.0  # maximum amplitude

noise_output = wave.open('noise2.wav', 'w')
noise_output.setparams((2, 2, 44100, 0, 'NONE', 'not compressed'))

a = lambda i, f: sin(f * i / RATE)
f = open(os.path.basename(__file__)).read()
values = [[a, (ord(l))] for l in f]
result = []
count = 0

for i, j in values:
    count_end = count + RATE / 8
    while count < count_end:
        packed_value = struct.pack('h', maxVol * i(count, j * 20 + 1000))
        count += 1

result_str = ''.join(result)


I found the original here. The original just makes a constant tone. Runs fine with Python 3. I would love to see a decoder for this; but I don't know enough about calculating frequencies.

  • You should not use single letter variables.
  • Rather than a lambda you can create an actual function and pass its name.
  • There are still several magic numbers. What is 8, 20, etc.?
  • maxVol should also be uppercase, and should probably be named MAXIMUM_AMPLITUDE to avoid the need for the comment.
  • Rather than duplicating result.append you can use a separate function with a counter for how many times you want to repeat it.
  • Encapsulate functionality in functions or objects. Initialising noise_output (or the output as an object), the for loop and outputting/closing the stream are candidates.
  • Check whether it's possible to use with wave.open('noise2.wav', 'w') as noise_output: or similar.
  • Rather than reading the whole file into memory you can read a chunk at a time to speed up the program.
  • Some variable names are difficult to understand. values is almost meaningless (all it tells me is that it's an array-like structure), results likewise (how about something like audio_bytes?).
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