I am setting a value to input box and trigger to hear the change. I would also like to always hear the input change, and for that I made this function.

Can any expert please verify the way I did is correct? Or is it further tune-able?

var page = function () {
    return {
        init : function () {
            var input = $("#pNo");
            $(document).on("pageChange", this.onPageChange.bind(this));
            $(input).bind("change paste keyup",function() { $.event.trigger({type: "pageChange", element:input})});

        onPageChange : function (e) {


Live Demo


My suggestion is to reduce the code:

var page = {
  init: function(selector) {
    $(selector).on('change paste keyup', page.onPageChange);
  onPageChange: function(e) {

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