I've created a new tool, which parses a specified log file, and if an Oracle exception is there, it kills Tomcat and sends an email notification.

I tried to take into account comments from my previous post, but I'm sure there is enough stuff that can be improved.

This utility uses python-tail module to get data from the log.

As the tool is big enough, here are just a few main functions:

# sending notifications
def sendmail(event):
                # get time
                time = datetime.datetime.now()
                timemes = '\n\nSysevent at %s' % time

                # connect to local SMTP
                smtpconnect = smtplib.SMTP('localhost:25')
                # debug to sys.stdout currently is $OUTPUT_DIR/logparcer_mail.log
                # sending email
                smtpconnect.sendmail(sender, receivers, message + event + timemes)
                # close conenction
                logging.info('Email sent from %s to %s.' % (sender, receivers))
        # if anything wrong on local SMTP
        except socket.gaierror as s:
                logging.exception('Local SMTP error: %s' % s)
        except smtplib.SMTPException as e:
                logging.exception('ERROR during email sent: %s' % e)

Tail calls:

# running main tail
tail = tail.Tail(catalinalog)
# when new line appears - sent it to 'err' function

Errors to rise KILL:

# list of errors to parce
errors = ('ORA-01017', 'ORA-28000')

And err function, which parses data from Tail:

# main error parces function
def err(data):
        # check both errors
        if any(ora in data for ora in errors):

                # on PROD we don't need kill Tomcat
                if not env == 'PROD':
                        # get Tomcat's PID
                        pid = catapid(tpidf)
                    # kill Tomcat with kill -9
                            # killing Tomcat with kill -9
                            os.kill(int(pid), signal.SIGKILL)
                            # save message for email and log
                            event = "Tomcat killed with PID %s.\n\nError data: \n\n%s" % (pid, data)
                            # sending email
                            logging.info('Email sent from %s to %s.\n' % (sender, receivers))
                            # as Tomcat killed - LogParcer doesn't need anymore
                            # will be started again when LMSmanager -start
                    # if can't find catalina.pid
                    except OSError as e:
                            event = "Got ALARM, but can't kill Tomcat: %s with PID %s" % (e, pid)
                # if PROD - just send email, no kill
                       event = "Tomcat wasn't killed. Please - check logs manually.\n"

And one from my 'main' question is: is it good practice to call one function from inside of another (sendmail() from err())?


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