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Update database, reload page then show a success message

I have a table of articles, in each row is a button to activate / deactivate the article, along with other actions shown here:


The problem I was having:

If I did a standard AJAX call, I could append a success message to a div but it would not refresh the page. That's where document.location.reload(true); comes in, but now the page refreshes before the success message can show. Sure you could setTimeOut, but it seems a bit backwards to show a success message before you can see the result, so on to my method.

Note: All I/O is filtered with a function which I chose to leave out for ease of reading and error handling has not yet been implemented

The Ajax in articlelist.php:

This will post the data to articlecontrol.php to be processed, I've added a selector here because the controller also handles other requests i.e. Categories.

$(document).on("click",".active_button",function() {

    var articleID = $(this).attr("name");
    var active = $(this).val();
    var selector = $("#selector").attr("name");

    type: "POST",
    url: "controllers/articlecontrol.php",
    data: { articleID: articleID, active:active, selector: selector },
    success: function(data){

I'll use the activate / deactivate PHP as the example in articlecontrol.php

If the database updated set the success info in $_SESSION['status'] ready for output on our table page:

if(isset($_POST['selector'])) {
    $selector = $_POST['selector'];

if(isset($_POST['active']) && $selector === 'article') {
        $where = array('article_id' => $_POST['articleID']);

        $active = ($_POST['active'] == 'YES') ? '0' : '1';

        $update = array('article_active' => $active);

    if ($database->update('wcx_articles', $update, $where)) {
        if ($active == '0') {
            $_SESSION['status'] = '<div class="success">Article Deactivated Successfully</div>';
        } else {
            $_SESSION['status'] = '<div class="success">Article Activated Successfully</div>';

This is how I'm showing the success message in articlelist.php:

if(isset($_SESSION['status'])) {
    echo $_SESSION['status'];
    $_SESSION['status'] = '';

I'm also checking if there is anything in the .successmessage div on page load and fading it out:

   if ($(".successmessage").html().length > 0) {

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