I'm currently learning some jQuery and I am stuck on something. On a small exercise I did, I was asked to perform an action when you mouseover a div class. I gave a different solution than the one suggested and I was wondering which one is written best and why.

HTML code

<tr id ='user_1' class='datarow'>
   <td><input class='data' type='text' name='firstname' value='Firstname 1'></td>
   <td><input class='data' type='text' name='lastname' value='Lastname 1'></td>
   <td class='deletecell'><div class='success'></div></td>

Here is my solution:

$(document).on('mouseover', '.success', function() {

And here is his solution:

$(document).on('mouseover', '.deletecell', function() {
    $('.success', this).addClass('delete').removeClass('success');

PS: Does it matter if addClass is first and removeClass is second?


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Yours is simpler and therefore better. However, I would simplify it further as:

$('.success').on('mouseover', function() {

Is shouldn't matter much whether you call .addClass() first or .removeClass() first.


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