I have used jQuery AJAX for my development. Below I have added example code for AJAX request and response.


$queView = array();

$queView['time'] = 40;
$queView['name'] = "Level hard";
$queView ['noQuestions'] = 10;
$queView['queDetails'] .= "<h1>Some html content</h1>";
$queView['queDetails'] .= "<img src='root/imag/imag.jpg' />";

foreach($users as $user){
   $queView['queDetails'] .= "<p>".$user['name']."</p>";
   $queView['queDetails'] .=  "<p>".$user['address']."</p>"; 

echo json_encode($queView);

JavaScript function with jQuery;

function showQuestions(){

        success: function(data){

            data = $.parseJSON(data);



$queView['queDetails'] has a lot of HTML content.

Is this a good practice?


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If you're passing information, pass only information, not markup. Alternatively completely generate the HTML markup on the server-side, and just apply it on the client side. There's no point in combining the two, and if done wrong you could cause double escaping issues.

Second, don't use alert() as a debug function. Use console.log() and use your console.


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