I have two statements that look like this:

$('table tr td:nth-child(' + columnNumber + ')').toggle();
$('table tr th:nth-child(' + columnNumber + ')').toggle();

Is there a way to combine these two statements?


A comma.

$('table tr td:nth-child(' + rowNumber + '), table tr th:nth-child(' + rowNumber + ')').toggle();

jQuery's selectors are the same as CSS (with some stuff added here and there), so all the usual CSS selector rules apply:

$("div, h1")  // select div and h1 elements
$("div h1")   // select h1 elements that are nested somewhere within a div
$("div > h1") // select h1 elements that are direct descendants of a div


By the way, rowNumber doesn't make sense; the code will select a given column, not a row.

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