I'm new to jQuery and trying to learn how to refactor my bloated code to make it nicer and better maintainable.

I have a tabbed navigation which I'm using jQuery to hide and show pages depending on the selector that is clicked.

  $('#search_distributors').on 'click', (e) =>

  $('#international_distributors').on 'click', (e) =>

    $('#all_distributors').on 'click', (e) =>
        #distributor_location_search_filter_form, ').hide()

I'm familiar with using functions and stuff but unsure how to DRY this up. If anyone can shed some light on this and help me learn that would be wonderful.


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It's hard to give an exact answer without knowing your HTML structure, but if we assume that:

  1. Your tab headers (apparently li-elements with classes like .search_locations and ids like #search_distributors) have some common class, such as .tabheader.
  2. Each of your tabs is wrapped in an element with a common class, such as .tab.
  3. You can add a HTML5 data- attribute on your tab headers to designate the tab whiches header it is.

Assumptions 1. and 2. are necessary so that you can use a common function for all the tabs without writing what is essentially the same code thrice.

Number 3. could be implemented like this:

<li class="tabheader search_locations" id="search_distributors" data-tab-id="search_distributors_tab">Search locations</li>

Then you can reduce your CoffeeScript to

$('.tabheader').on 'click', (e) =>
    tabId = $(e.currentTarget).data('tabId')
    $('#' + tabId).show()

See my jsFiddle.

If you, some strange reason, would not be able to alter your HTML in any way, your code would still be easier to maintain if you wrote a common function for displaying a tab, then called it for each of the click events:

showTab = (e, tab, header) ->
    allTabs = [
    if tab instanceof Array
        tab = tab.join(',')
    allHeaders = [

$('#search_distributors').on 'click', (e) =>
    showTab(e, ['#distributor_location_search_filter_form', '#distributor_location_search_container'], 'li.search_locations')

$('#international_distributors').on 'click', (e) =>
    showTab(e, '#international_distributors_location_container', 'li.international')

$('#all_distributors').on 'click', (e) =>
    showTab(e, '#all_distributors_location_container', 'li.all_distributors')

See my other jsFiddle.

Note that there are also multiple jQuery plugins for tab behavior, such as one in Bootstrap and jQuery UI.

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    \$\begingroup\$ I cant upvote cause my rep isnt high enough on here yet but thank you for the response... I Did something similar to what you suggested in the first option. Where I grab the id...i knew my code was too bloated thank you for the tips! \$\endgroup\$ – user1502223 Mar 20 '14 at 23:02

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