I'm using this JS to sticky website footers at the bottom and I would like to know if is there anything to be optimised?

(function($, window, document){
    //Screen_height = Header_height + Main_Content_height + Footer_height + alltoplvlContainersMarginTop_Bottom + alltoplvlContainersPaddingTop_Bottom
    $.fn.sticky_footer = function(header,footer,content) {
        if(typeof header != undefined && typeof footer != undefined && typeof content != undefined) {
            var screen_height = $(window).height(); //Total height of the screen which is rendered within a browser window without having to scroll-down.

            var sum_of_top_bottom_props = function(id){ //Returns the sum of float values of padding-top,bottom margin-top,bottom, border-top,bottom-width.
                    if(typeof id != undefined){
                        var elem_id = id;
                        if(elem_id.length>0) { //If id exists in the page, fetch the sum of float values of the properties.
                           var prop_padding = parseFloat(elem_id.css('padding-top'))+parseFloat(elem_id.css('padding-bottom')),
                               prop_margin = parseFloat(elem_id.css('margin-top'))+parseFloat(elem_id.css('margin-bottom')),
                               prop_border = parseFloat(elem_id.css('border-top-width'))+parseFloat(elem_id.css('border-bottom-width'));
                           return prop_padding+prop_margin+prop_border;
                       } else{ //If id soesnot exist return 0;
                           console.error("The id: "+id+" doesn't exists! Pleas enter a valid id.");
                           return 0;

            var header_height = (header.length>0) ? header.height():0, //Height of header
                footer_height = (footer.length>0) ? footer.height():0, //Height of footer
                header_props = sum_of_top_bottom_props(header), //Height of properties that contribute to header's height.
                footer_props = sum_of_top_bottom_props(footer), //Height of properties that contribute to footer's height.
                main_props = sum_of_top_bottom_props(content), //Height of properties that contribute to content's height.
                main_height = screen_height-(header_height + header_props + main_props + footer_props + footer_height);

            if(content!= undefined && content.length>0) { content.css('min-height',main_height); return true; } 
            else return false;
        else return false;
})(jQuery, window, document);

GitHub: https://github.com/Elavarasanlee/sticky-footer.js


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From a once over,

  • I strongly suggest lowerCamelCase: sticky_footer -> stickyFooter, screen_height -> screenHeight etc. etc.
  • You should compare to undefined with === or use a falsey comparison, I would suggest the falsey comparison:

    if(header && footer && content) {
  • This: var elem_id = id; makes no sense to me, why not simply keep working with id ?
  • If you are going to return the sum of all 6 css values (return prop_padding+prop_margin+prop_border; ), then I would not use the temporary values but just return the actual calculation
  • Do not use console.log in production code
  • That gives something like this:

    //Returns the sum of float values of padding-top/bottom,margin-top/bottom, border-top/bottom, 
    //if no element is provided, returns 0
    var sum_of_top_bottom_props = function(id){ 
        if(id && id.length){
            return parseFloat(elem_id.css('padding-top')) + 
                   parseFloat(elem_id.css('padding-bottom')) +
                   parseFloat(elem_id.css('margin-top')) + 
                   parseFloat(elem_id.css('margin-bottom')) +
                   parseFloat(elem_id.css('border-top-width')) + 
         return 0;
  • else return false is pointless, just do return false
  • Finally, you require the user of your script to take care of $(window).resize(function(){, your script should take care of that instead.

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