I recently got started with Elixir. I'm used to F#'s pipes, and Seq.map and LINQ's .Select statements. Things are different in Elixir, and the code I have seems very ugly. Anon functions in anon functions.

defrecord FileData, name: "", date: nil
  def filedetails() do
    files = File.ls!
    datestr = fn {{year, month, day}, _time} -> "#{day}/#{month}/#{year}" end
    filedates = files |> (Stream.map &(File.stat!(&1)))
                      |> (Stream.map &(&1.ctime))
                      |> Stream.map &(datestr.(&1))

      |> Enum.map fn {n,d}->FileData[name: n, date: d] end


How should this be done?


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I'm not sure why you'd need to pipe three different streams - one for every manipulation. I'd probably use one Stream to do all the manipulations together, something like:

filedates = files |> Stream.map &((&1 |> File.stat!).ctime |> datastr.())


filedates = files |> Stream.map &(File.stat!(&1).ctime |> datastr.())

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