This script creates an adhoc network using hostapd. I have tested it and seems to work reliably. I am new to linux networking and not sure if this is a recommended way to create an adhoc network this way.

#set -x
    if ! sudo iwconfig 2>/dev/null | grep $DEVICE >/dev/null;then
        echo $DEVICE not found!
        exit -1

    #Ensure config file exists
    if [ ! -e $CONFIG_FILE ]
        echo "Can't find hostapd config file"
        exit -1

    sudo service isc-dhcp-server stop
    sudo pkill hostapd
    sudo ifdown  $DEVICE 
    sudo ifconfig $DEVICE up netmask
    sudo service isc-dhcp-server start
    sudo hostapd -B $CONFIG_FILE

cd ${0%/*}  #make current working directory the directory of the bash script

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Not answering your actual question, but offering a couple of code comments:

use cd -- "$(dirname -- "$0")"

  • if the script is in the PATH and someone just enters the script name, you will try to cd to the (probably non-existant) "script name" directory in the current dir.

use grep -q $DEVICE

  • that is a bit speedier since, if it finds a match, it exits immediately instead of having to read the entire input looking for all matches.

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