I use a worker thread for some data processing in my MFC project. In the thread-controlling function, it needs to use some parameters (declared as member variables) to the data-processing. I use a sub-dialog (which is triggered by a menu item and contains a few edit controls) to change the values of the parameters, that the user inputs are first stored in a struct, which is then used in the thread controlling function when needed. In order to prevent data-corruption, I also use Mutex to sync the worker thread and main thread, since both of them need to access the shared resource m_structBlkContSimPara (the struct that stores parameter values).

/*the following code is in my MFC Dlg Project head file*/

struct RecExtractParam {
    bool bMod;

    float fSimBlkShpWt;
    float fSimGrPosWt;
    float fSimGrTxtAttWt;
    float fSimGrTypesWt;
    float fDataUnitGroupSimThld;
    float fVertDistThld;

RecExtractParam() {
    bMod = false;
    fSimBlkShpWt = 0;
    fSimGrPosWt = 0;
    fSimGrTxtAttWt = 0;
    fSimGrTypesWt = 0;
    fDataUnitGroupSimThld = 0;
    fVertDistThld = 0;

RecExtractParam m_structBlkContSimPara;

// parameters for some data processing
float m_fSimBlkShpWt;
float m_fSimGrPosWt;
float m_fSimGrTxtAttWt;
float m_fSimGrTypesWt;
float m_fDataUnitGroupSimThld;
float m_fVertDistThld;

CMutex m_Mutex;

afx_msg void OnToolsBlockContentSimilarityThreshold();

static UINT RecExtractThreadCtrlFunc(LPVOID pParam);

UINT DoThreadProc();

// button clicked handler for launching data processing 

void CXMLDOMFromVCDlg::OnBnClickedDataRecExtractButton()
    // TODO: Add your control notification handler code here

    // some code for other processing
    // start the thread for data record extraction

    AfxBeginThread(RecExtractThreadCtrlFunc, this);

    // some code for other processing

// menu item command handler for parameter inputs

void CXMLDOMFromVCDlg::OnToolsBlockContentSimilarityThreshold()
    // TODO: Add your command handler code here
    // CBlkContSimThldDlg is a sub-dialog for user input
    CBlkContSimThldDlg dlgBlkContSimThld(this);

    if (dlgBlkContSimThld.DoModal() == IDOK)
        CSingleLock singleLock(&m_Mutex);
        // try to capture the shared resource
        m_structBlkContSimPara.bMod = true;
        m_structBlkContSimPara.fDataUnitGroupSimThld =  dlgBlkContSimThld.m_fDlgBlkContSimThld;
        m_structBlkContSimPara.fSimBlkShpWt = dlgBlkContSimThld.m_fDlgGrShpWt;
        m_structBlkContSimPara.fSimGrPosWt = dlgBlkContSimThld.m_fDlgGrPosWt;
        m_structBlkContSimPara.fSimGrTxtAttWt = dlgBlkContSimThld.m_fDlgGrTxtAttWt;
        m_structBlkContSimPara.fSimGrTypesWt = dlgBlkContSimThld.m_fDlgGrContTypeWt;
        m_structBlkContSimPara.fVertDistThld = dlgBlkContSimThld.m_fDlgGrVertDistThld;

// thread controlling function

UINT CXMLDOMFromVCDlg::RecExtractThreadCtrlFunc(LPVOID pParam)
    CXMLDOMFromVCDlg* pDlg = (CXMLDOMFromVCDlg*)pParam;

    return pDlg->DoThreadProc();

UINT CXMLDOMFromVCDlg::DoThreadProc()
    // Create object for Single Lock
    CSingleLock singleLock(&m_Mutex);
    // try to capture the shared resource
    // use the shared resource m_structBlkContSimPara
        m_fSimBlkShpWt = m_structBlkContSimPara.fSimBlkShpWt;
        m_fSimGrPosWt = m_structBlkContSimPara.fSimGrPosWt;
        m_fSimGrTxtAttWt = m_structBlkContSimPara.fSimGrTxtAttWt;
        m_fSimGrTypesWt = m_structBlkContSimPara.fSimGrTypesWt;
        m_fDataUnitGroupSimThld = m_structBlkContSimPara.fDataUnitGroupSimThld;
        m_fVertDistThld = m_structBlkContSimPara.fVertDistThld;
        m_structBlkContSimPara.bMod = false;
    // After we done, let other threads use m_structBlkContSimPara
    /*some code for data processing*/

I am new to multithreading and synchronization. Is my code correct? If not, what should I do to improve it?


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