I'm working with knockout and am trying to stay true the MVVM structure and trying to make the objects have that dependency on each other.

Model, ViewModel, Service definitions:

var App = window.App || {};

(function(ns, $, ko) {
    ns.Models = {};
    ns.ViewModels = {};
    ns.Services = ns.Services || {};

    //Service def
    ns.Services.SearchService = function() {
        this.SearchByName = function(name, callback) {
            $.get("/api/SearchByName/" + name, function(d){

    //Model Def
    ns.Models.SearchResultModel = function(json) {
        var self = this;

        ko.mapping.fromJS(json, {}, self);

    //ViewModel def
    ns.ViewModels.SearchResultsViewModel = function() {
        var self = this;

        self.dataService = new ns.Services.SearchService();
        self.SearchResults = ko.observableArray();

        self.GetSearchResultsByName = function(name){
            self.dataService.SearchByName(name, function(d) {
                $.each(d, function(i, e) { self.SearchResults.push(new ns.Models.SearchResultModel(e)); });
}(App, jQuery, ko));

And I can currently use it like so:

var vm = new App.ViewModels.SearchResultsViewModel();


ko.applyBindings(vm, document.getElementById("search-results-form"));

This is just my starting point and it seems like the ko.applyBindings(...) should be in the ViewModel somewhere.

With all that, am I going the right direction for this or am I completely off with it?


This looks good me, just as it looked good for the SO reviewers.

Some thoughts;

  • Consider 'use strict';
  • Consider naming your anonymous functions
  • It is not clear how SearchResultModel deals with failed calls
  • var self = this; is only needed for closures, you don't need it in ns.Models.SearchResultModel

All in all, pretty solid.


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