Common Lisp has a "special operator" called multiple-value-call, which does something similar to Scheme's call-with-values but with a nicer syntax, and allowing multiple producers (unlike call-with-values). So I thought I'd try to implement multiple-value-call in Scheme, using call-with-values (dressed up here as receive) behind the scenes:

(define-syntax multiple-value-collect
  (syntax-rules ()
    ((multiple-value-collect) '())
    ((multiple-value-collect expr next ...)
     (receive vals expr
       (cons vals (multiple-value-collect next ...))))))

(define-syntax multiple-value-call
  (syntax-rules ()
    ((multiple-value-call func expr ...)
     (apply func (concatenate! (multiple-value-collect expr ...))))))

Is there a better (more idiomatic, performant, etc.) way to implement this? (concatenate! is from SRFI 1, and receive is from SRFI 8.)


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