My goal was to make playing sounds in my React game easy and efficient. Using <audio> tags wasn't an option, because on mobile it creates huge delays between the action and the sound. I'm just starting with the Web Audio API, so please forgive me if I did something silly. It works though.

I decided to make it a React hook called useAudio():

import { useMemo, useCallback } from "react";

const useAudio = (paths: Map<unknown, string>) => {
    const audioContext = useMemo(
        () => new AudioContext(),

    const arrayBuffers = useMemo(
        () => new Map([ ...paths ].map(
            ([ key, path ]) => [
                fetch(path).then(response => response.arrayBuffer())

    const decodedTracks = useMemo(
        () => new Map([ ...arrayBuffers ].map(
            ([ key, arrayBufferPromise ]) => [
                    arrayBuffer => audioContext.decodeAudioData(arrayBuffer)
        [arrayBuffers, audioContext]

    const play = useCallback(
        async (key: unknown) => {
            if (!decodedTracks.has(key)) {
                throw new Error("Invalid track key");

            const decodedTrack = await decodedTracks.get(key)!;
            const bufferSource = audioContext.createBufferSource();

            bufferSource.buffer = decodedTrack;

        [audioContext, decodedTracks]

    return [ play ] as const;

export default useAudio;

And here's how you'd use it in your app:

const audioFiles = new Map([
    ["cat", "./audio/Meow.mp3"],
    [true, "https://pikachu.test/pikapika.wav"], // You can use any key you wish!
    [777, "./lucky.aac"],

const Harmony = () => {
    const [ playAudio ] = useAudio(audioFiles);

    return (
                onClick={() => playAudio("cat")}
                onClick={() => playAudio(true)}
                Pika pika
                onClick={() => playAudio(123)}
                Gonna throw an error at ya!

I wanted to allow using any format of a key, hence using Map of unknown keys.

The main reason I'm asking for your reviews is to understand if I'm using Web Audio API correctly and if I could further optimize it, or perhaps I over-optimized something at the cost of clarity? I tried to memoize and reuse as much as I knew was possible.



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