The project is simple: Login screen and a forgot password screen. You can navigate from Login to ForgotPassword.

I feel like I overcomplicated things, but I don't know if (and how) it can be simplified.

The code: LoginRoute.kt

fun LoginRoute(
    viewModel: LoginViewModel = hiltViewModel(),
    navController: NavHostController,
) {
    val uiState by viewModel.uiState.collectAsStateWithLifecycle()

        uiState = uiState,
        onLoginClicked = {
        onForgotPasswordClicked = {


class LoginNavigationFactory @Inject constructor() : NavigationFactory {

    override fun create(builder: NavGraphBuilder, navController: NavHostController) {
        builder.composable(NavigationDestination.Login.route) {
            LoginRoute(navController = navController)
        builder.composable(NavigationDestination.ForgotPassword.route) {

Do I really need to pass navController as an argument to the Routes? If I don't do it and simply do rememberNavController in the composable, it gives me NullPointers.


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I pass in a delegate and handle navigation at the top. I find this better practice


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