I'm trying to create a simple node app utilizing socket.io rooms where users can play a 1v1 game against other users. The system I have in place at the moment is when a user clicks the play button they are put into a queue. Once the queue reaches 2 players the first 2 players in the queue are matched and redirected to a game.

function socketHandler(socket){
    const db=dbGetter.getDb()
                //redirects players to game not yet implemented

This code works as intended as far as I can tell (Once the queue reaches 2 createGameBySockets is triggered and queue is cleared). However, I have concerns about how it will function with many users joining the queue in quick succession. For instance, say ten users attempt to join the queue simultaneously. I worry that the queue.shift() lines won't be triggered fast enough and multiple games will be created between the first 2 players in the queue before they are removed from the queue

I'm not sure of a way that I can test for such a scenario. Looking for advice on how to prevent this scenario from occurring and how I could test to see how this scenario would be handled.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Your question voices concerns about "racy data access". The usual response would be to wrap a lock around such accesses. Please review the standard advice and let us know about the implementation you settled on. \$\endgroup\$
    – J_H
    Jan 29 at 2:49


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