Am using AJAX script to have data fetched from database. For example has

  • Motorola
  • Samsung
  • Apple

as company and using AJAX to fetch models of it. Like when apple is selected then it shows apple iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 14, 14 pro max

Using this older generic script as test basis which is like years old where when a field is selected of company name, then without reloading the page models list come under it.

function createRequestObject(){var e,t=navigator.appName;return e="Microsoft Internet Explorer"==t?new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"):new XMLHttpRequest}

function getRequest(e,t,n,a){elementId=t,loading_layer_in=a,http.open("get",e),http.onreadystatechange=ManipulateRequest,http.send(null)}

function getRequestalert(e){http.open("get",e),http.onreadystatechange=function(){if(4==http.readyState){var e=http.responseText;res=e}},http.send(null)}

function ManipulateRequest(){if(""==e)var e="<FONT><B>Loading please wait.........</B></FONT>";else msg=e;if(document.getElementById(loading_layer_in)&&(document.getElementById(loading_layer_in).style.display="block"),1==http.readyState);else if(4==http.readyState){var t=http.responseText;document.getElementById(elementId)&&(document.getElementById(elementId).innerHTML=t)}}

function hideLoadingLayer(e){var t=e;document.getElementById(t)&&(document.getElementById(t).style.display="none")}

var elementId="",loadingMessage="",loading_layer_in="",http=createRequestObject();

It is working.

What is the new AJAX script in line with times which I can use as against same?

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An updated version of the code would create a new XMLHttpRequest object, which is a built-in JavaScript object that is used to make HTTP requests.

Its no longer needed to use the ActiveXObject constructor to create an XMLHttpRequest object in Internet Explorer. This method is not supported in modern versions of Internet Explorer.

It is generally not recommended to use the navigator.appName property to determine the user's web browser, because this property can be easily changed by the user or by third-party software. Instead, you can use the navigator.userAgent property, which returns a string that contains information about the user's web browser and operating system.


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