My first ever lines of Clojure and while the script seems to work as expected, I'm sure it's far from idiomatic Clojure. Thank you for any suggestions.

#!/usr/bin/env bb

; =============================================================================
; USE: ./photos.clj --src [src-dir] --dest [dest-dir]
; * Will copy photos from src-dir to dest-dir, grouped by desired photo format.
; * Indicate desired format by prefixing photo filenames with:
; * - m for small,
; * - v for large.
; * Will notify and fail if you accidentally have multiple photos with the same
; * filename in src-dir.
; =============================================================================

(require '[clojure.tools.cli :refer [parse-opts]])
(use '[clojure.java.io :only (file, copy, make-parents)])

(defn parse-args [args]
  (let [options
          [["-s" "--src SOURCE-FOLDER" "Source folder"]
          ["-d" "--dest DESTINATION-FILDER" "Destination folder"]]
        args (:options (parse-opts args options))
      (assert (:src args) "--src must be specified")
      (assert (:dest args) "--dest must be specified")

(def args (parse-args *command-line-args*))
(defn cathegory [name]
  (let [ch (first name)]  
      (#{\m \M} ch) :small
      (#{\v \V} ch) :large
      :else (assert false (str "Unsupported cathegory: " ch)))))

(defn mark-seen [seen f]
    (assert (not (seen f)) (str "Duplicate file: " f))
    (conj seen f)))

(defn copy-file [seen f]
  (let [fname (.getName f)
        cat (cathegory fname)
        destf (file (str (:dest args) "/" (name cat) "/" fname))]
      (println cat (.getPath f))
      (make-parents destf)
      (copy f destf)
      (mark-seen seen fname))))

(def src-dir (file (:src args)))
(def src-files (filter #(.isFile %) (file-seq src-dir)))
(reduce copy-file #{} src-files)

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  • fn, defn and let have implicit do, so you can remove it from parse-args, mark-seen and copy-file

  • function parse-args: typo "--dest DESTINATION-FILDER" -> "--dest DESTINATION-FOLDER"

  • function cathegory (typo in the name): you can use destructuring here, case will be better than cond and if you know that your assert has to fail, you can directly throw some error:

(defn category [[ch & _]]
  (case ch
    (\m \M) :small
    (\v \V) :large
    (throw (Exception. (str "Unsupported category: " ch)))))
  • src-dir and src-files don't have to be global variables- I think you can just wrap your reduce in let and put these variables here:
(let [src-dir (file (:src args))
      src-files (filter #(.isFile %) (file-seq src-dir))]
  (reduce copy-file #{} src-files))

You can also use threading macro ->> and write something like this:

(->> (file (:src args))
     (filter #(.isFile %))
     (reduce copy-file #{}))
  • function copy-file: function file has a version with arguments [parent child & more], so if every part of the path is a string, you don't have to join them with "/" manually:
(file (:dest args) (name category) fname)

By the way, Clojure has function cat and you're shadowing it with your variable cat.


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