I currently have some code in Java which looks something like this, but I want to refactor this.

List<Object> combinedStatus = new ArrayList();
for (List<Long> batch: batches){
    CompletableFuture<Object> future = ask();

try {
   for (CompletableFuture<Object> future: futureHolder) { 
      response = future.get();
   } catch (Exception e) {
       // log exception 
return combinedStatus;

I see one major issue is that future.get() is blocking the thread. I want to refactor this to make it non blocking. Here is my refactored version - can someone give me some advice on if this is correct / makes sense / or how I can make this better?

for (List<Long> b: batches) {
   CompletionStage<Object> stage = ask();
        (resp, ex) -> {
            if (ex != null) {
             // log exception 
           } else { 

returned combinedStatus;

Additionally, can someone explain to me what is the behavior of this if I call this in a loop



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