This code snippet shows an implementation of two factor authentication. - It uses the library otp - It generates and verifies a totp - It creates a provisioning uri for the user

Initial setup:

pip install pyotp
import pyotp

def generate_second_factor():
    shared_secret = pyotp.random_base32()

    return pyotp.TOTP(shared_secret)

def generate_uri(second_factor, user_mail):
    return second_factor.provisioning_uri(user_mail, issuer_name="Your Secure App")

def main():
    second_factor = generate_second_factor()
    user_mail = "alice@google.com"
    provisioning_uri = generate_uri(second_factor, user_mail)

if __name__ == '__main__':

1- Do you think the implementation of this code snippet is up-to-date and secure?

2- Would you make any other changes to this code snippet?

3- Did you use any additional resources while checking the code? If yes, please provide a link or description of your resource.



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