For the purpose of writing MarkDown documentation, I wanted to extend Vim with the ability to slugify selected text and to replace it with an anchor URL. The idea is to copy/paste a heading and use it to create index.

Example: say I have this text:

Some header

The text.

I want to copy Some header to the beginning of the doc, select it, and easily turn it into [Some text](#some-text).

What I came up with is this:

" Slugify selection
function Slugify(text)
    let result = substitute(a:text, ".*", "\\L&", "")
    let result = substitute(result, "[^a-z]\\+", "-" ,"g")
    return result
command -range Slug :<line1>,<line2>s/\%V.*\%V./\=Slugify(submatch(0))/
command -range Slurl :<line1>,<line2>s/\%V.*\%V./\="[" . submatch(0) . "](#" . Slugify(submatch(0)) . ")"/


  1. Select text.
  2. Type :Slurl for the whole anchor URL thing or :Slug to just slugify the selected text.

It seems to work fine for me, but I am a complete n00b with Vimscript (only started with it to get this working). Remarks and improvements would be quite welcome.

A minor side-question: is there an easy way to remove the selection or redefine it to match only the part inside [...] when done with Slurl?



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