I want to make a function to retry calling callback n times until it return TRUE;

Here's my current code:

function RetryX(callback, delay, retries) {

    (function wait() {

        if( callback() !== true && --retries > 0 ){
            setTimeout(wait, delay);




  1. Is it correct way to do it?
  2. Is there any way to optimize it?
  3. Can it be modified to pass jslint? currently it shows "unexpected --retries"

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Super short review;

  • Pure nitpicking, but to me, you try the first time, and retry afterward. This means that a retry of 3 would guarantee up to 4 calls.
  • I would not create wait but just call the retryX function
  • JavaScript is lowerCamelCase so RetryX -> retryX, personally I would go for tryN

So probably I would run something like this;

function tryN(callback, delay, tries) {
  if(tries && callback() !== true){
    setTimeout(tryN.bind(this, callback, delay, tries-1), delay);

function NI(){
 return false;

tryN(NI, 1000, 3);

To be clear, if a funny coder passes -1 to this function then you are in an infinite try. Guard for this if you see the need.


Promise to poll.

Best to poll for state using a promise. As it provides syntax for errors (timeouts) , chained polling queries using async / await and more.


The code below shows the most basic example.

  • poll(call, delay, timeout) returns a promise to poll call every delay ms until timeout ms have passed. If it times out the promise is rejected.

  • waitForIt is an async example that waits for a random true.

  • pollingFunc Is called once every delay and shows the current time elapsed, and returns a random bool state (true or false)

  • Last bit of code starts the polling and handles the results when and if ready.

  • The example passes the time around. This is just for the example and not required.

function poll(call, delay, timeout) {
    return new Promise((done, timedOut) => {
        const start = performance.now();
        const tick = () => {
            const t = performance.now() - start;
            if (call(t)) { done(t) }
            else if (t > timeout) { timedOut(t); }
            else { setTimeout(tick, delay); }
const pollingFunc = (time) => {
    console.log("Polling: " + time.toFixed(0) + "ms");
    return Math.random() < 0.05;
async function waitForIt() {
    return poll(pollingFunc , 200, 2000);
  .then(t => console.log("Completed in: " + t.toFixed(0) + "ms"))
  .catch(t => console.log("Error Timed-out: " + t.toFixed(0) + "ms"));

// Or just 
poll(pollingFunc , 200, 2000)
  .then(t => console.log("Completed in: " + t.toFixed(0) + "ms"))
  .catch(t => console.log("Error Timed-out: " + t.toFixed(0) + "ms"));



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