I wanted a $PWD shrinking for my $PROMPT with the following requirements:

  • $HOME is replaced by ~
  • All subpaths except the last one are replaced by their initial letters
  • Reasonably efficient

This is my attempt, with tests:


function shrinkpath()
  local dir="${1/#$HOME/~}"
  if [ $dir = "~" ]; then
    echo "~"
  local split=(${(s:/:)dir%/*})
  local prefix="/"
  if [ "$split[1]" = "~" ]; then
  local mid=$(for i ("$split[@]") ; do echo -n "${i:0:1}/" ; done)
  local last="${dir##*/}"
  echo "$prefix$mid$last"

echo "$(shrinkpath $HOME)"
echo "$(shrinkpath $HOME/foo)"
echo "$(shrinkpath $HOME/foo/bar/baz)"
echo "$(shrinkpath /)"
echo "$(shrinkpath /foo)"
echo "$(shrinkpath /foo/bar/baz)"



Seems to be doing the trick but I feel it could be smaller/simpler. In particular, my intuition tells me that I should be able to get away with a single check for "~" instead of two, and that I might be using too many intermediate variables. I am also not sure about whether there is a better way to do the "split by / and get the first letter of each subpath" part.


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