The following script derives schemas from varied file formats. Can I get this reviewed? What would the improvements look like:

    def _null_allowed_in_cols(self):
        for field in self.fields:
            field["type"] = self._field_type_converter(field["type"])
            if type(field["type"]) == list:
                if "null" not in field["type"]:
                    field["type"].insert(0, "null")
                field["type"] = ["null", field["type"]]

    def _field_type_converter(self, field_type) -> Union[str, list]:
        if type(field_type) is dict or type(field_type) is avro.schema.ImmutableDict:
            return field_type["type"]
        elif type(field_type) is list:
            return list(map(lambda x: self._field_type_converter(x), field_type))
            return field_type
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You can use a generator expression here to return either the first match or None:

    # go from this
    def _col_type(self, column_name):
        for column in self.fields:
            if column["name"] == column_name:
                return column
        return None

   # to this
   def _col_type(self, column_name):
       return next((
        col['name'] for col in self.fields if col['name'] == column_name
       ), None)

Checking types

Use isinstance rather than type(val) == cls:

# instead of this
if type(field["type"]) == list:
    # do something
# or this
if type(val) is dict:
    # do something

# do this instead
if isinstance(field['type'], list):
    # do something

# or
if isinstance(field_type, (dict, avro.schema.ImmutableDict)):
    # do something

When to use lambda vs function

In this statement:

list(map(lambda x: self._field_type_converter(x), field_type))

You don't actually need the lambda:

list(map(self._field_type_converter, field_type))

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