I am using Retrofit to get data from API. I am doing it in view model like the following:

class RegisterShopViewModel : ViewModel() {
    private val client by lazy { WebServicesApi.getClient }

    private var isShopRegisterSuccessful = MutableLiveData<Pair<Boolean, List<String>>>()

    fun registerShop(shopModel: ShopModel): LiveData<Pair<Boolean, List<String>>> {
            .enqueue(object : Callback<RegisterResponseModel> {
                override fun onFailure(call: Call<RegisterResponseModel>, t: Throwable) {
                    TODO("Not yet implemented")

                override fun onResponse(
                    call: Call<RegisterResponseModel>,
                    response: Response<RegisterResponseModel>
                ) {
                    response.body()?.let {
                        isShopRegisterSuccessful.value =
                            Pair(it.isSuccess, it.errorsList)
        return isShopRegisterSuccessful

and in my view(Activity/Fragment), I am listening for changes like so

       val email = txtShopEmail.text.toString()
       val password = txtShopPassword.text.toString()
       val confirmPassword = txtShopConfirmPassword.text.toString()
       val name = txtShopName.text.toString()

       val shopModel = ShopModel(email, password, confirmPassword, name)

       registerShopViewModel.registerShop(shopModel).observe(this, Observer {

   private fun registerShop(result: Pair<Boolean, List<String>>) {
       if (result.first)
           Toast.makeText(this, "Registered Successfully", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()
           Toast.makeText(this, "error ${result.second}", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show()

my questions are:

1 - is it best practice to send the data in ViewModel's function?

2 - in cases of register/ login in which I send a request with data and wait for a response. Is LiveData useful?

if you have any suggestion to improve this code please share it


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