Problem: IPython's autoreload and superreload may reload modules such that obj=Obj() -> edit file & save -> isinstance(obj, Obj) == False. Sometimes even imp.reload of all involved modules doesn't absolve it.

Goal: a method with a 'fallback' on looser criterion that are as close to isinstance as possible.


def isinstance_ipython(obj, ref_class):
    def _class_name(obj):
        name = getattr(obj, '__qualname__', getattr(obj, '__name__', ''))
        return (getattr(obj, '__module__', '') + '.' + name).lstrip('.')
    return (isinstance(obj, ref_class) or 
            _class_name(type(obj)) == _class_name(ref_class))

obj is always instance of a class, and ref_class is always a Python 3.x, non-builtin class. __qualname__ and __module__ are included to prefer longest possible name, but fallback upon shorter names via empty strings.

Any improvements to reliability of this method (i.e. reduced false positives/negatives)? Not interested in speed or readability, but they're welcome as bonus.



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