I have been building an API in Go, which I want to link to a Postgres SQL table. I have always used NoSQL previously but thought it would be good to try a SQL database.

Here are my structs

type Activity struct {
    Activity string `json:"activity"`
    Payload Payload `json:"payload"`

type Payload  struct {
    UserID   string `json:"userId"`
    Duration int    `json:"duration"`
    Type     string `json:"type"`
    Date     int    `json:"date"`

Based on the above I thought it would be good to have a table for payload which was made via the following query.

CREATE TABLE payload (
    duration INT,
    type TEXT,
    date INT

and then created the activity table like the following:

CREATE TABLE activity (
    activity TEXT PRIMARY KEY
    SELECT userid, duration, type, date
    FROM payload;

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None of your columns are marked non-nullable. This is important for data integrity.

duration and date both seem mis-represented as int. You're in PostgreSQL, so read https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/datatype-datetime.html and then consider instead

  • interval for duration, and
  • date for date

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