The following is a snippet of a code in which I used position=(float, float) in set_title to put the title inside the plot axes and to the upper left corner. It worked until today. Now, it doesn't take into account the position Text property and always puts the title outside the plot axes, though still at the upper left corner.

fig,a =  plt.subplots(4,2,figsize=(6.5, 9), dpi=600)
a[0][0].plot(A[:,0],A[:,1], lw=0.75, c='blue')
a[0][0].set_title('Aluminium 1', fontsize=8, position=(0.2, 0.825))
a[0][0].tick_params(axis='both', which='major', direction='out', length=2.5, width=1, labelsize=6)
a[0][0].set_xlabel("Frequency (THz)", fontsize=5, verticalalignment='center_baseline')
a[0][0].set_ylabel("Partial DoS", fontsize=5)

The output from when it worked: enter image description here

The output now: enter image description here

Any idea why this behaviour shift? Also, any suggestion for a better way to make inside titles is welcome.

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