I've recently reviewed code twice, from two different authors, where the author has cleverly used Thingy z = Optional.ofNullable(x).orElse(y) rather than using, say, Thingy z = x == null ? y : x.

My first reaction was that this is not the intended use or semantic of Optional and that a ternary conditional operator, or even just an if-else, would be better.

But the more I look at it, there is a beauty and a fluidity to Thingy z = Optional.ofNullable(x).orElse(y) which makes sense. To be honest, I've actually never loved the conditional operator.



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I consider it more as a preference or inclination for Java features.

I mean, calling ofNullable has a time and space cost (passing params by copy + internal execution) same as orElse, it is a bit more than the ternary, secondly, the ternary is qute compact and if in some sense harder to read than Optional... it is clear which is your intent.

Trying to be objective (if possible)

  • Optional is in general more readable (not all of us are familiar with the ternary)
  • It depends on your likes
  • If efficiency is needed, well I consider there are better options than Java, and also some integrations with other technologies are also to be taken into account.

I hope it helped you.

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