The goal of this code is to allow temporary RHS variables to be used in a span, specifically as an argument to a function, to be deleted later after the function completes, allowing the passing of temporaries to such span accepting functions.

How would I improve this code? Can I make it smaller and more readable? Is the temp_span api fine as it is to telegraph "Only put temporaries here" or is there something else I should be doing?

#include <gsl/span>
namespace gsl{

    template<typename T>
    class TempSpan{
        T value;
        explicit TempSpan(T&& t) : value(t){};
        operator gsl::span<typename T::value_type>() {
            return value;

    template<typename T>
    TempSpan<std::vector<T>> temp_span(std::initializer_list<T>&& t){
        return TempSpan(std::vector<T>(t));
    template<typename T>
    TempSpan<T> temp_span(T&& t){
        return TempSpan(std::move(t));


#include <iostream>

void foo(gsl::span<int> values){
    for(const auto& value: values){
        std::cout << value << "\n";

int main(){
    // 1
    // 2
    // 3
    // 4
    // 5
    // 6
    return 0;

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