i'm trying to create a url router system, for educational purposes, that has a similar usage like Laravel has, but i'm curious about how i can register the routes like laravel does (with single calls to static methods), here's my "conceptual" code that i made using a TDD approach:

        $Route = new Route;
        ->setCallback(function () {
            return 'get user';

        $Route2 = new Route;

        $Router = new Router;
        // if the route is matched this methods are called
        // $Router->handleMiddlewares();
        // $Router->handleCallback();

1 - there's a better approach about how to encapsulate the route object creation to a simple/shorter way? eg: in Laravel we can map routes like this:

Route::get($uri, $callback);
Route::post($uri, $callback);
Route::put($uri, $callback)->name('foo');

2 - should the router class be responsible for filtering routes (regex rules etc), handling callbacks and middlewares?


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