I would like some help on making my solution more functional. At present, I rely heavily on using indexes in my map functions. I am also seeking general feedback and advice, thanks.

export const getMatrixColumns = (a: number[][]) => {
  return a[0].length;

export const getMatrixRows = (a: number[][]) => {
  return a.length;

export const matricesAreValid = (a: number[][], b: number[][]) => {
  return getMatrixColumns(a) === getMatrixRows(b);

export const generateEmptyMatrix = (rows: number, cols: number) => {
  return [...Array(rows)].fill(0).map(() => [...Array(cols)].fill(0));

export const dotProduct = (a: number[], b: number[]) => {
  return a.map((value, i) => value * b[i]).reduce((acc, val) => acc + val, 0);
export const multiplyMatrices = (a: number[][], b: number[][]) => {
  if (matricesAreValid(a, b)) {
    const rows = getMatrixRows(a);
    const cols = getMatrixColumns(b);
    return generateEmptyMatrix(rows, cols).map((resultRow, i) =>
      resultRow.map((element: number, j: number) => {
        const column = b.map(row => row[j]);
        const row = a[i];
        return dotProduct(row, column);

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Concise Function Body

The function body of an arrow function can be concise.

For instance can getMatrixColumns shorten to

export const getMatrixColumns = (a: number[][]) => a[0].length;

Method Name

The method names getMatrixColumns and getMatrixRows let me expect that the the methods return a number[] instead of a number.

A better fit are getMatrixColumnLength and getMatrixRowLength.

Redundant Method Names

Each method name expect dotProduct contains some how the word matrix.

It is sufficient if the methods are grouped in a Matrix module and have names like:

// in matrix.js

export const columnLenghtOf = (a: number[][]) => 

export const rowLengthOf = (a: number[][]) => 

export const areValid = (a: number[][], b: number[][]) =>
    columnLenghtOf(a) === columnLenghtOf(b);

/* ... */

Type Alias

Matrix could be a type alias for number[][]:

// in matrix.js

type Matrix = number[][]

export const columnLenghtOf = (a: Matrix) => 

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