Please review this program because I wrote something in Python for the first time. This code is to be used for device authorization in oauth2 device flow.

import requests 
import webbrowser
import time

API_ENDPOINT = "<url>"
RESPONSE_TYPE = "device_code"
GRANT_TYPE = "device"
CLIENT_ID = "<client_id>"

data = {'response_type':RESPONSE_TYPE, 

response = requests.post(url = API_ENDPOINT, data = data) # sending post request and saving response as response object 
json_response = response.json()
print("The user_code is:%s"%json_response['user_code']) 

DEVICE_CODE = json_response['device_code']
webbrowser.open(json_response['verification_uri']) # open browser with idenity screen

data = {'grant_type':GRANT_TYPE, 
        'code': DEVICE_CODE} 

while True:
    response = requests.post(url = API_ENDPOINT, data = data) 
    if response.status_code == 200:
        json_response = response.json()
        print("The access_token is:%s"%json_response['access_token']) 

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