I'm learning javascript with discord.js and node and I'm always looking for the "best" code.

Is this the "best code" for my map() ? ([role] required, (role) optional)

// Get [role] (@role) args
let roles = msg.mentions.roles.filter(role => (args[2] === `<@&${role.id}>` || args[3] === `<@&${role.id}>`)).map(role => {
  return role.id;

// Get text
let txtContent = msg.content.split(/ +/g).splice(nbArgs).join(' ');

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Maybe this is better :

let roles = msg.mentions.roles.filter(role => (args[2] === role.toString() || args[3] === role.toString())).map(role => role.id);

And use roles.length instead of nbArgs++ :

// Get text
let txtContent = msg.content.split(/ +/g).splice(roles.length + nbArgs).join(' ');

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