My attempt at a fixed framerate using SDL2 without using VSync. Just using SDL_Delay left the fps a bit slower or faster due to the fact SDL_Delay only works with milliseconds. So the solution I came up with is after using SDL_Delay the remainder of the "extra" time is elapsed through a loop. The solution seems a little bit cluttered to me and my experience with programming in general is very limited so any pointers would be much appreciated.

float frame_cap{ 60 };
float ms_per_frame{ 1000.0f / frame_cap };
float fps{ 0 };
uint64_t start_counter;
uint64_t end_counter;

bool quit{ false };
while( quit != true )
    start_counter = SDL_GetPerformanceCounter();


    end_counter = SDL_GetPerformanceCounter();
    //multiplying by 1000.0f to convert to ms
    float elapsed_ms = ((end_counter - start_counter) / (float)SDL_GetPerformanceFrequency()) * 1000.0f;
    if( elapsed_ms < ms_per_frame )
        float ms_left = ms_per_frame - elapsed_ms;
        SDL_Delay( floor(ms_left) );

        //loop for the amount of time that could not be delayed with SDL_Delay
        float missed_ms = ms_left - floor(ms_left);
        start_counter = SDL_GetPerformanceCounter();
        float delayed_ms { 0 };
        while(delayed_ms < missed_ms)
            end_counter = SDL_GetPerformanceCounter();
            delayed_ms = ((end_counter - start_counter) / (float)SDL_GetPerformanceFrequency()) * 1000.0f;
        //adding time delayed to elapsed time of frame for fps calculation
        elapsed_ms += floor(ms_left) + delayed_ms;
        /*floor(ms_left) is time delayed using SDL_Delay
        this has a chance to be inaccurate if SDL_Delay 
        delays more then floor(ms_left) due to OS scheduling*/
    //dividing by 1000.0f to convert to seconds
    fps = 1.0f / (elapsed_ms / 1000.0f);

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Why you exactly need the framerate to be constant?

You can use SDL_GetTicks() this way:

const int ms_frame = 1000 / 60;
Uint32 initial_ticks, elapsed_ms;
      initial_ticks = SDL_GetTicks();

      //do things

      elapsed_ms = SDL_GetTicks() - elapsed_ms;
      if(elapsed_ms < ms_frame) SDL_Delay(ms_frame - elapsed_ms);
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    \$\begingroup\$ elapsed_ms = SDL_GetTicks() - initial_ticks;? \$\endgroup\$
    – xbelanch
    Aug 12, 2021 at 9:27

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