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Consider the following file structure:

│   index.js
│   app.js
│   api.js
│   ...

The purpose of the above is to provide global configuration throughout a static frontend application, including within the webpack build configuration.

My original intention was to provide a global function called config which would behave much like the Laravel config function.

For example:

config('app.name') would return the name property from the app.js configuration file

Instead, my solution simply provides an object which is used like so:

  • config.app.name
  • config.api.url

My Code

The way I am doing this is extremely simple:


module.exports = {
    app: require('./app'),
    company: require('./company'),
    api: require('./api'),
    locales: require('./locales')


module.exports = {
    name: 'Foobar',
    // etc...

Example Usage

import config from './config';


My Question

Whilst I am not bothered whether /config provides an object, or a function, I am unsure as to whether the solution I have put together is the cleanest way of achieving this...

I appreciate this question might be considered 'subjective' but does anyone have any alternative ways in which they would go about doing this?



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