Report time at whole hours

import time
from datetime import datetime
from pydub import AudioSegment
from pydub.playback import play

bell_sound = AudioSegment.from_wav("/home/me/Music/audio/bell.wav")

while True:
    now = datetime.now()
    # repeats = 1 if now.hour % 3 == 0 else now.hour % 3
    repeats = now.hour % 3 + 1

    if now.hour < 6:
    # report on whole hour
    if now.minute == 0:
        for _ in range(repeats):  # bell the hours
        time.sleep(60 * 58)  # save the computation
    if now.minute != 0:
    # quit 23 later
    if now.hour == 23:

Any ideas to improve it?


I would have the now.minute != 0 as an else since the if above is the exact opposite case.

I would also assign a 'sleep_time' value inside both branches and call the sleep function after the if - else to emphasize that sleep is always done.

I also don't like while True since it means I have to search the code for the exit condition. I would have the now = datetime.now() line twice, one before the while and once at the end of the block and make the condition while now.hour != 23:. This is personal, some people are more against the duplicated line than the while True:.


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