I have already done many of the Project Euler questions in other languages before, but whenever learning a new language, I like to do the problems again in that language.

Here is my elixir version of

Find the sum of all Fibonacci numbers below 4,000,000.

stream = Stream.unfold({0,1}, fn {a, b} -> {a, {b, a + b}} end)
Enum.reduce_while(stream, 0, &(
    cond do
        &1 < 4000000 and rem(&1, 2) == 0 ->
            {:cont, &2 + &1}
        &1 < 4000000 ->
            {:cont, &2}
        true ->
            {:halt, &2}

Can anyone spot a way to make my code fit the elixir paradigm more? Are there things I could improve?

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I'd improve two things:

  • take advantage of ability to specify multiple clauses for anonymous function,
  • use underscore for big numbers to improve code readability.

My take on your code:

{0, 1}
|> Stream.unfold(fn {a, b} -> {a, {b, a + b}} end)
|> Enum.reduce_while(0, fn
  value, acc when value < 4_000_000 and rem(value, 2) == 0 -> {:cont, acc + value}
  value, acc when value < 4_000_000 -> {:cont, acc}
  _value, acc -> {:halt, acc}
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    \$\begingroup\$ Also, I like your use of an explicit fn over the submitters &- the latter is often hard to read and usually I will only use it for very short stuff, probably just the &function/arity construct and nothing else. \$\endgroup\$ – cdegroot Jul 30 '19 at 23:30

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