I tried the plug in CodeMetrics for Visual Studio Code along with some of my current Angular projects, and I was a little suprised about the outcome.

I have a Service in Angular that fetches search results from an API. This method is pretty much boilerplate Angular code. It looks like this:

getSearchResult(searchValue: string): Subscription {
  const path = '/api/getSearchResult';

  const params = new URLSearchParams();
  params.set('searchValue', searchValue);

  return this.http.get<SearchResult>(
    this.apiService.getUrl() + path + '?' + params.toString()
    map((response: any) => response.result),
    catchError(error => {
      return of(SearchResultFactory.createEmptyResult());
  ).subscribe(result => this.searchResult$.next(result));

I don't find this method particular hard to read or to understand. And yes, you need to be used to "The Angular Way" and rxjs or course.

But CodeMetrics says:

Complexity is 7 It's time to do something …

Is the metric right? Could this be simplyfied? I mean this looks almost like a text book example. I could think of is to construct the URL parameters in a separate function, but is it worth it?


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