This is a program which uses wreq to either request information from a school utility called Ion or sign up for new activities. I feel the error handling is poor and that I've overused the IO Monad. Most of the methods in Lib.hs are impure and I feel this is poor style. Repo. I'd appreciate any feedback on anything from style to overall design. I also know that I'm using partial functions (mostly head) in Lib.hs which don't always take empty lists and that can lead to exceptions with poor error output and no information for the user and that I need to change that soon.

error-handling example from Main.hs

    configPath <- case configFile options of
        Nothing -> getXdgDirectory XdgConfig "isotope/config"
        Just a  -> return $ fromString a

    configExists <- doesFileExist configPath

    unless configExists (throw NoConfigException)

I also feel that the usage of !! here seems hard-coded and that the return type of string seems like a bad choice but I'm not sure what else to do. Should I have put the output formatting in main?

signup :: Credentials -> BlockInput -> String -> IO String
signup cred blockType activity = do
    blocks <- fetchBlocks cred
    let block = case blockType of
            A -> head blocks
            B -> blocks !! 1
    activities <- fetchBlockActivities cred block
    let found = findActivityFuzzy activities activity
    _ <- postWith opts signupUrl ["block" := block_id block, "activity" := aid found]
    return $ "Signed up for " ++ name found
    where opts = defaults & auth ?~ basicAuth (cred_un cred) (cred_pass cred)

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