This is the first time that I have add (I mean, I try) Ajax with Jquery to PHP and Mysql (pagination). This is a link to the test page: testpage1

I think everything works, but is it done correctly?

One thing I can not solve - once the user clicks the link 5 and go to product detail, when he comes back, he back to 1 not 5. I do not know why.

show.php <a class="goback" href="#" onclick="window.history.go(-1); return false;">&laquo; go back </a>

Thank you in advance for good advice .

1. Ajax(index.php)

  <div id="load_data"> 





      function load_data(page)  


        $('#load_data').html('<div id="status" style="" ></div>');

        var action = 'pagination2';
                //dataType: 'json',
                error: function(xhr, text){
                alert("Whoops! The request for new content failed");

      $(document).on('click', '.pagination_link', function(event) // this line binds the handler to your pagination
           event.preventDefault(); //this prevents the link being loaded as a new page, the default behaviour
           var page = $(this).attr("id"); //we get the url of the page to load in by ajax



2. pagination2.php

<?php require_once('../private/initialize.php'); ?>

$page = ''; 

$rowperpage = 10;

$page = $_GET['page'] ?? 1;

//$page = !empty($_GET['page']) ? (int)$_GET['page'] : '1';

$page = $page - 1;

$p = $page * $rowperpage;


 $visible = $visible ?? true;

$id = isset($_GET['id']) ? $_GET['id'] : '1';

$products_count = count_all_products(['visible' => $visible]);            

$sql = "SELECT * FROM products ";
$sql .= "WHERE visible = true ";
$sql .= "ORDER BY position ASC ";
$sql .= "LIMIT ".$p.", ".$rowperpage."";  

$product_set = find_by_sql($sql);

$product_count = mysqli_num_rows($product_set);

if($product_count == 0) {
      echo "<h1>no products</h1>";

while($run_product_set = mysqli_fetch_assoc($product_set)) { ?>

    <div style="float: left; margin-left: 20px; margin-top: 10px; class="small">

      <a href="<?php echo url_for('/show.php?id=' . h(u($run_product_set['id'])));   ?>">
          <img src="staff/images/<?php echo h($run_product_set['filename']); ?> " width="150">

      <p><?php echo h($run_product_set['prod_name']); ?></p>


    <?php }


<section class="pagination">


$url = url_for('index_all.php');

$page_nb = isset($_GET['page']) ? $_GET['page'] : '1';  
$check = $p + $rowperpage;
$prev_page = $page_nb - 1;

$limit = $products_count / $rowperpage;
    //echo $limit;
$limit = ceil($limit);
$current_page = $page_nb;

if($page_nb > 1) {
    //echo "<a href='index_all.php?page=".$prev_page."'>Back</a>";
    echo "<span class='pagination_link' style='cursor:pointer;'  id='".$prev_page."'>Back</span>";


if ( $products_count > $check ) {

    for ( $i = max( 1, $page_nb - 5 ); $i <= min( $page_nb + 5, $limit ); $i++ ) {
        if ( $current_page == $i ) {
            echo "<span class=\"selected\">{$i}</span>";
        } else {
            //echo "<a href=\"{$url}?page=" . $i . "\">{$i}</a>";
            //echo "<span class='pagination_link' style='cursor:pointer;' id='".$i."' onclick='window.history.go(1); return false;'>".$i."</span>"; 
            echo "<span class='pagination_link' style='cursor:pointer;' id='".$i."'>".$i."</span>"; 

if ($products_count > $check) { 

$next_page = $page_nb + 1;  
    //echo "<a href='index_all.php?page=".$next_page."'>Next</a>";
    echo "<span class='pagination_link' style='cursor:pointer;' id='".$next_page."'>Next</span>";



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