currently i am working on javascript. Learning deep etc. So i decided to made my own tic tac toe game 4x4 without any tips. Then i stucked. If anyone can help me will be perfect. Game is playable right now. But i can't set the algorithm who win the game? What should i refer for winner? All winner positions to an array, or save the player moves and put it in the algorithm?

Game is on 4x4 table, 3 in a row(vertical, horizontal or diagonal) won the game.

I am adding jsfiddle right here. Thanks in advance.


    const PLAYER = "X";
    const COMPUTER = "O";
    let game_status = true;
    var emptyCells = [];
    var playerPos = [];
    var computerPos = [];

$('.col').click(function() {

    //Do Not Click Filled Div
    if ($(this).text().length !== 0) {

    //Save Player Moves
    playerPos.push([Number($(this).attr("data-x")), Number($(this).attr("data-y"))]);

    //Make Click

    //Clear Empty Cells To Fill Later!
    emptyCells = [];

    //Let Computer Move

function computerMove(){

    //Save Computer Moves

    //Add All Empty Cells To An Array
    for(let x=1; x<=4; x++){
        for (let y=1; y<=4; y++) {
            if ($('.col[data-x='+x+'][data-y='+y+']').text().length == 0) {

    //Click Random Empty Cell
    if (emptyCells.length > 0) {
    let computerChoice = emptyCells[Math.floor(Math.random() * emptyCells.length)];

function isGameOver($req) {


    //Vertical Check

    //Horizontal Check

    //Diagonal Check


This is the HTML codes:

    <div class="row">
    <div class="col" data-x="1" data-y="1"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="1" data-y="2"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="1" data-y="3"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="1" data-y="4"></div>

<div class="row">
    <div class="col" data-x="2" data-y="1"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="2" data-y="2"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="2" data-y="3"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="2" data-y="4"></div>

<div class="row">
    <div class="col" data-x="3" data-y="1"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="3" data-y="2"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="3" data-y="3"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="3" data-y="4"></div>

<div class="row">
    <div class="col" data-x="4" data-y="1"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="4" data-y="2"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="4" data-y="3"></div>
    <div class="col" data-x="4" data-y="4"></div>


If i put all correct solutions, it works like charm. But i need dynamically improve my code. For example;

    const grid = [
[' ', ' ', ' ', ' '],
[' ', ' ', ' ', ' '],
[' ', ' ', ' ', ' '],
[' ', ' ', ' ', ' '],

const wonMoves = [
[[1,1], [2,2], [3,3]],
[[1,1], [1,2], [1,3]],


After a move. I can change grid[i][j]; then i can check if it matches the correct solutions.But what if tictactoe game 10x10 board? Now what? This should be dynamic. Thats what i need, that code improvement would be great. Thanks.


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