I am creating an online voting platform where users could vote on publicly-held polls. It uses Kreait Firebase library (as Google didn't create a PHP library for Firebase Admin).

I am very new to PHP and am not sure about how I should format my PHP code. It is messy. Please help me improve the code.


$request = json_decode(file_get_contents("php://input"));

if (!isset($request->pollPath) || !isset($request->votes)) {
  echo "pollPath and/or votes have not been sent!";

require __DIR__.'/../vendor/autoload.php';

use Kreait\Firebase\Factory;
use Kreait\Firebase\ServiceAccount;

$pollPath = $request->pollPath;
$votes = $request->votes;

$serviceAccount = ServiceAccount::fromJsonFile(__DIR__.'/../service.credentials.json');
$firebase = (new Factory)

$pollsDatabase = $firebase->getDatabase();
$electionRef = $pollsDatabase->getReference('publicPolls/' . $request->pollPath);

$postsRef = $electionRef->getChild('posts');
$postsCount = $postsRef->getSnapshot()->numChildren();

if ($postsCount != count($request->votes)) {
  echo "Array of votes doesn't match the election's position count";

$votesRef = $electionRef->getChild('votes');
$electionVotes = $votesRef->getValue();

if (!isset($electionVotes))
  $electionVotes = [];

$postsValue = $postsRef->getValue();
for ($i = 0; $i  < $postsCount; $i++) {
  $postValue = &$postsValue[$i];
  $postVotes = &$electionVotes[$i];

  if (!isset($postVotes)) {
    $postVotes = [];
    $postCands = count($postValue['candidates']);

    for ($j = 0; $j < $postCands; $j++)
      $postVotes[$postValue['candidates'][$j]] = 0;

  if (isset($request->votes[$i]))
    $postVotes[$request->votes[$i]] += 1;

echo "done";

The code basically gets a JSON fetch request from the client with the path of the election (in Firebase) and an array of votes (mapping index of positions in election to the candidates chosen).


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