I dont know why my code is not working at all. In my Eclipse there's no errors shown at all.

I want to use the id to print the name of my customers, and that's my goal

Customer[] custArray = { new Customer("Chen",35), new Customer("You",36) };

public Customer searchCustomerByID(int custID){
               for(Customer c:customers){
                 if(c.getID() == custID)
                   return c;
               return null;

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You wrote this:

for (Customer c : customers)
    if (c.getID == customID) return c;

The array is called custArray. And the for-each is iterating over an array of Customers cales customers. So, the simple solution is to change customers to custArray! Hope that helps. ;)

EDIT: this should be on Stack Overflow.

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