I've been working on an edit/update button that will toggle a modal that looks like this:

Update/Edit Employee Modal

Is there a better code for this JavaScript code that I made?


$('body').on('click', '.editButton',function(){
    let edit = $(this).val()
    console.log("Edit this : " + edit);


        type    :   'POST',
        url     :   'get.php',
        data    :   {'edit' : edit},
        dataType:   'json',
        success: function(data){
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='EMAIL']")         .val(data.EMAIL);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='PASSWORD']")      .val(data.PASSWORD);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='RIGHTS']")        .val(data.RIGHTS);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='LAST_NAME']")     .val(data.LAST_NAME);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='FIRST_NAME']")    .val(data.FIRST_NAME);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='MIDDLE_NAME']")   .val(data.MIDDLE_NAME);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='SUFFIX']")        .val(data.SUFFIX);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='GENDER']")        .val(data.GENDER);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='BIRTHDATE']")     .val(data.BIRTHDATE);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='BIRTHPLACE']")    .val(data.BIRTHPLACE);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='CITIZENSHIP']")   .val(data.CITIZENSHIP);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='RELIGION']")      .val(data.RELIGION);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='ADDRESS']")       .val(data.ADDRESS);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='CONTACT']")       .val(data.CONTACT);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='ICE_NAME']")      .val(data.ICE_NAME);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='ICE_CONTACT']")   .val(data.ICE_CONTACT);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='DEPARTMENT']")    .val(data.DEPARTMENT);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='POSITION']")      .val(data.POSITION);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='EMP_TYPE']")      .val(data.EMP_TYPE);
            $("#updateEmpForm input[name='edit']")          .val(data.ID);


It is working, but I want to know if this is a bad practice and if there are better solutions.

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Wow, what patience you have to type out/copy all of those lines to update the form inputs. Instead of doing that, you could loop through the input fields and check if the name matches a key in the returned data. One can use .each() to iterate over the input fields, then check the name using .attr() and the in operator.

$('#updateEmpForm input').each(function() {
    const inputName = $(this).attr('name');
    if (inputName in data) {

To exclude certain fields, like any password inputs, the selector could be updated to include pseudo-class selectors like `:not() - for example:

$('#updateEmpForm input:not([type="password"])').each(function() {

That should handle all but the last repeated line - which can be included before or after the call to .each():

$("#updateEmpForm input[name='edit']").val(data.ID);

You could also define a mapping of input names to keys and look in the mapping for values. For example:

const inputNameKeyMapping = {
    edit: 'ID',
    //any other names that don't match keys directly

And use that mapping when assigning the value - something like:

$('#updateEmpForm input').each(function() {
    const inputName = $(this).attr('name');
    const key = inputNameKeyMapping[inputName] || inputName;
    if (key in data) {

That way you wouldn't need to include manual value settings lines.

Also, instead the click handler can be simplified from:

$('body').on('click', '.editButton',function(){

To using the .click() (short-cut) method on only elements with that class name editButton:


I see let is used to declare the variable edit:

let edit = $(this).val()

However, that value is never re-assigned. To avoid unintentional re-assignment, you could use const instead.

const edit = $(this).val()

And it is best to be consistent with line terminators - if most lines have them then make sure all do.


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